Overheard in Junk – August 6th Edition


Image Credit - James_McCue on Flickr

It’s time for Overheard in Junk! There are so many interpretations of the word junk, so we’re taking a look around and bringing you some of what the world is saying about it. Enjoy!

@ModestoJunk: Steel is a metal that can be recycled completely and saves tons of iron ore, coal, and energy.

@saturnl: Giant GOLD Balloon to Clean Up Space Junk http://mltp.ly/8ah0Fde

@drchin: Junk food-addicted rats chose to starve themselves rather than eat healthy food: http://fb.me/Gdx59U9P

@Kevin_Church: You know, there’s only so much email and junk you can handle from your iPad before you actually have to get up and do some work.

@LHzzz: I think of packing as sort of a Tetris game before a trip. Squeezing in every piece (purchased junk) into a rectangular area (suitcases).

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