(How Best To) Get a Move On!

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Following yesterday’s post: you know you’re moving – now what? Few things in life approach the barely controlled chaos that exists in your typical move from Home A to Home B. It’s one of those things that just seems intrinsic to migration – headaches, lost components, mislabeled boxes. Particularly when you’re dealing with small spaces, all of that gets concentrated into a LOT of stuff to deal with, and not a lot of room to maneuver.

I’m in the middle of a move myself – I get the keys to my new place tonight, actually! Even for our relatively simple move (one bedroom apartment, moving to a different unit in the same building), I was dreading the chaos that could reign in 500 square feet. So, being a fan of order and (being me) believing that the internet holds the answers to almost anything, I decided to turn to the online masses for advice on making the process as painless as possible. As per usual, the web did not disappoint! I’ve curated what I found (for me) to be the top three pieces of advice below:

  1. Do you really want/need that? Alright, I know this one seems obvious coming from the blog of a junk removal company, but it’s also one of the most important (and most frequently overlooked) parts of moving. When have you not arrived in your new place, only to shove away boxes that never get unpacked  to gather dust in the storage closet? What if you didn’t take it with you in the first place? The more needless junk you get rid of/recycle/donate or pass on to friends, the less you need to schlep from point A to point B. Plus (don’t ask me how this happens) – you will never, ever fit as much stuff back into a storage piece as you took out to begin with. It’s one of the enigmas of moving, so it’s better to just anticipate it and ditch the needless stuff in the first place.
  2. Where’s it going? Yes, the obvious advice is to label boxes with their proper rooms. But beyond that, even if you know that that chair, couch and bookshelf are going to the living room…have you decided where? If you can map out a floor plan before the stuff even arrives in the new space, you’re miles ahead already. Settling the big pieces in their proper homes gives your a better impression of how your new living area will be structured – this means less of a chaotic jumble of boxes and furniture to begin with, and also an easier time sorting the small stuff (books, pictures, knick-knacks etc) into order, since it’s all relative. If you’re concerned whether your large furniture will fit properly in a certain space, consider making templates out of paper and laying them on the floor, or using a computer design program to lay it out to scale.
  3. Unpack, put everything in its place and then clear out again. I know, I know, it really seems like I’m asking too much of you now – you’ve just hauled all your stuff into the new place; you’re exhausted! You deserve a little downtime before tackling the boxes, right? Well…maybe, but how relaxed do you think you’ll get reclining amid cardboard boxes, which you may need to dig through to even find your pillow first. Especially if you’re moving into a small space, there’s not that much to go through, and a few more hours (even days) of powering through will put you in a position for optimum relaxation far sooner…and there’s nothing to say you can’t enjoy a glass of wine while you’re working through! Get it done, and maybe you won’t find yourself stressing out a couple months from now, trying to find that thing you need in the boxes that still aren’t unpacked. Once you’ve made it through, if there’s still stuff you just don’t have room for, pitch it…if there’s not a place for it in your home, chances are there doesn’t need to be a place for it in your life.

Those are the three that I’ve found the most useful so far. Of course, even if you’re not moving, it can help to take some of that to heart anyways – divesting yourself of the needless junk, organizing more efficiently, not putting off the things that’ll just make you happier in your space…it’s good stuff! I’ll have to let you know how well I do with that last piece, myself!

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