Get a Move On!

Summer is here and the living is in transition. Yes, that’s right. While many of us are taking it easy, others of us are moving house. There is a reason that the most popular times for moving are mid-summer and the winter holidays. First of all the kids are out of school (not sure I wouldn’t rather they be out of the way, but this is reason number according to the experts). Second reason (my own) is weather. When the weather is mild moving can actually be a pleasant experience. New homeowners are more likely to take advantage of the opportunity to fix up the place they’re selling or renovate the place they’re buying. Which brings me to the all-important consideration of junk removal. Summer also happens to be our busiest time at 1-800-GOT-JUNK?, and if you’re thinking there’s a connection between moving and junk removal, you’re right. Following are some great reasons why your next move is the time to finally stop the lugging of your junk from one home to another.

Moving can be such a pain! I know because I’ve done it more times than I care to remember. And even though I work for a junk removal company I have been plagued by the junk-toting habits most of us share, until recently. We all have junk and I’m no exception! But when I had to move twice within a short period of time, the second, junkless move made all the difference! You see, I was downsizing.

There are so many more considerations than packing and moving boxes. If you’re downsizing you may need to find a solution for disposing of a lot of stuff that you won’t be taking with you. Appliance removal, mattress disposal, and television recycling come to mind. Moving often requires reassessing your outdoor spaces as well. The old tire swing and other yard debris prompt us to think about responsible tire disposal, for example.

Are you going to move it all yourself?!  In an environmentally responsible manner? Good luck to you if you do. But remember, the kids will return to school and the weather will change, and your focus will likely be on the new home rather than getting rid of old junk. After all, the new garage is a much better location for the family vehicle than a pile of old appliances and junk!

Do yourself a favor and budget junk removal into your moving costs. This way you’ll take on the coming fall, and perhaps decorate the new place, with peace of mind.  

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