Overheard in Junk – July 30th Edition

Image Credit - James_McCue on Flickr

It’s time for Overheard in Junk! There are so many interpretations of the word junk, so we’re taking a look around and bringing you some of what the world is saying about it. Enjoy!

@OSLifestyles: Junk is comfort food, organic is conscience food. Can we grow fat & smug on a good conscience? #food #organic

@crunchgear: Here Come the Cheap EReaders and Most of Them Will Be Junkhttp://tcrn.ch/93yEY1

@Tahoe58: Iceland Says It’s `Far From Defaulting’ as Rating Nears Junk – Bloomberg http://shar.es/mLB0O

@FionaLeahy: Elizabeth Hurley beef jerkey? From junk food to joke food. Hilarious! http://twitpic.com/2a17ex

@umairh: 21st century econ 101. The real deficit is one of meaning and purpose. And the real glut is one of toxic, self-destructive junk.

@zuberzone: Science fiction writer’s idea could solve space junk problem: http://tinyurl.com/2werydp

@FunTimesGuide: Healthy Junk Food – (sounds crazy right? well maybe not…) Here are *7 Healthy Junk Food Snacks* http://su.pr/196tKu

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