Truck Team Tuesday – Jimmy and Jeremy



Ever wonder what those folks down in Texas are up to? Well wonder no further.  This week our Truck Team Tuesday takes a shift to the south! Jimmy and Jeremy out of our Fort Worth Metro franchise are this week’s featured Truck Team! Enjoy.

How long have you been working with 1-800-GOT-JUNK?

Jimmy: 6 months

Jeremy: 2 months

What did you do before you found Junk?

Jimmy: I worked at glass company and I went to school.

Jeremy: I go to school and I used to work at a golf course.

What do you love about being a Truck Team Member?

Jimmy: I love the atmosphere, and the constant change in environment

Jeremy: I like the problem solving around hard to load jobs and “breaking down” items to save room in the truck.

What is the most challenging thing about being a Truck Team Member?

Jimmy: Anything in extreme heat.

Jeremy: Demolishing large decks in the heat.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever hauled away?

Jimmy: Dead mice in zip-lock bags (our customer wanted to preserve the dead mice…we’re still not sure why).

Jeremy: A locked trunk, full of new “adult toys”, which we actully donated.



What’s the grossest thing you’ve ever had to do?

Jimmy: (Other than Hoarders) Spoiled food. Both made me queasy.

Jeremy: (Other than Hoarders) sweeping up multiple trash bags of dog hair. Strange.

Did you do it with a smile?

Jimmy: Yes

Jeremy: Yes


Do you have any other funny memories or stories that you can share?

Jimmy: How long do you have?

Jeremy: When we do blue wig waves we like to flex our “muscles”. I like the ridiculous reaction I get from those driving by.


Do you have a motto or a philosophy on life?

Jimmy: Only the strong will survive!

Jeremy: Git-er-done!

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