An Update on the Cathedral

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Image Credit - emsee on Flickr

It is with great sadness that I report there’s been a development in regards to the Cathedral of Junk that I wrote about last week. Sadly, some folks aren’t so fond of having a 30 foot high collage in their neighbourhood, and they’ve succeeded in petitioning the city to have it ordered demolished.

Vince Hanneman, the builder, says that he’s been going back and forth with the city for some time now, but has given up on securing the necessary building permit. While he says that he’s come to peace with taking the structure down, he is sorry that the people of Austin are losing the structure.

While generally not one to mourn what could technically be called junk removal, this feels like a loss. The amount of sheer creativity and dedication that went into the structure is astounding, and it’s a pity that that kind of vision goes underappreciated…and indeed, even comes under fire. Perhaps we can hope that something new will grow from the Cathedral’s cast-offs?

At least we still have the Forevertron.

Check out the news story here.

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