Stop: Huddle Time.

As employees at the Junktion, we take part in a daily ritual. To seasoned employees, it’s old hat. To me, the new girl, it is surprising. It is impressive. It is called Huddle.

Huddle was introduced to the company by Founder and CEO, Brian Scudamore.  Since 2003, the Junktion has Huddled every single business day. According to Brian, the purpose is, “To do exactly what a football team does: regroup, refocus and determine where we stand versus the goal.”

My initial huddle experience was informative, humorous and heart warming! It was 10:55am on my first day. I heard a bell. It was like a loud, old-fashioned dinner bell. Someone’s voice followed, “HUDDLE!” I looked around, thinking it must be a fire drill or something equally as urgent. I wasn’t wrong. Huddle is urgent. It’s mandatory and punctual…in a nice, team spirit way.  I stood up and followed the sea of people to the Huddle room. It is a large room with interesting décor. One wall is the “Can You Imagine Wall,” filled with the inspirational goals of Junktion employees. Another holds white boards full of numbers I didn’t understand.

We gathered in the room, facing the Huddle Master. The Master began by introducing Good News!  People shot their hands up in the air with birthday wishes and congratulations’.  Apparently new employees are also part of Good News because I was welcomed to the team. No hazing was involved. Phew. The subsequent 7 minutes went by in a flurry of interesting information about the status of 1-800-GOT-JUNK?, our goals as a company and even our concerns as employees.  The number wall was explained and the daunting feeling I’d first experienced upon seeing it subsided. Then: Hooray! Huddle ended with a loud cheer and a round of applause.

“I think I’m going to like it here,” was my reaction to this enlightening, empowering daily ritual. Huddle was the first of many new experiences that have  opened my new daytime world into a healthy, fun corporate culture.

For Huddle information, straight from the man who brought it to 1-800-GOT-JUNK?, check out this article Brian Scudamore wrote for Profit Magazine.

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