On the topic of “junk”, if there’s something I’ve increasingly become aware of in recent years, it’s that “junk” doesn’t always equate with happiness. In future, I’ve decided to be more careful about acquiring junk.

Junk costs us money.
We have to work hard to buy junk.
Junk then needs to be stored; requiring more room and time.
Junk needs to be cleaned and maintained.
Junk breaks.
Junk usually needs to be fixed; costing us more money.
Junk then usually needs to be disposed of.

Enough of junk. The less junk we want, the less we need to work, the less worry – leaving us with more time and energy to enjoy other things – a sunset, a walk in the park, an afternoon at the beach…….Junk picture

I’m not about to shed all my worldly belongings and hit the road again, but often when I look around me and think about the task of shifting house and cringe at the pile of junk growing underneath my nose, I’m tempted. I again question the all too common practice of accumulating things we don’t ‘really’ need or for that matter, ‘really’ want.

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