Don’t take junk with you!

HowMoving Junk difficult is it moving all your worldly possessions from one home to another?

When I moved from Scotland in 2008, I packed up an entire apartment of  goods and…well, rubbish… and brought it with me across the other side of the world, only to join the rest of the rubbish I had already stored at my parent’s house in Australia.

In hindsight, I should have gotten rid of it before I left! It would have saved me a lot of time and money.

Wow! I have so much junk!

Since my return I have managed to recycle, donate or dump more than 15 bags of magazines, books, old university notes, clothes, shoes, kitchen wear, and knick knacks that I don’t want….I’m sure most of you will relate?

Prior to my move from Australia to Scotland I stored all my possessions (that couldn’t fit into my 25 kg limit!) at my parent’s place because I knew there was plenty of room there, and I never felt compelled to throw much away. I felt at peace being able to store my favorite books and magazines (a growing collection!), clothes I thought I would be able to fit into again (dreaming…), kitchen appliances I thought were never replaceable, bedding I once loved but most likely I would never love again, and the list goes on.  Besides, it’s reassuring to know all your treasures (some, not!) are waiting for you when you return. It’s like your growing-up years are all packed away in a safe, warm place.

So how did I go about dealing with the marriage of all my new junk with the old? First, I brought everything out onto the living room floor:  boxes, bins, comforters, pillows, clothes hangers, magazines, books, and half of everything in my kitchen. Next, I figured out what could be recycled, what could be donated, and what could be stored away again as junk for the future. It was like playing a game, fitting in pieces to solve a puzzle.

During my clean out I found that the majority of the junk at my parent’s place and most of what was in the boxes I shipped home, was almost identical. With two of the same useless items I was finally coming to terms with the fact that I was on that slippery slope to becoming a  hoarder – collecting and storing unnecessary junk that only takes up space and winds up costing you money.

I will admit though that saying goodbye to some things was hard. But I figure my new goal – to only have the things I really want, need, and value – was worth it.

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